I’m about to delete this whole post.

Why is it that every time I sit down to write, and I get about 3/4th of the way done, I want to delete everything I’ve written?

Everything.  I just want to delete everything.  The backspace button is my worst best friend.

I’m going to start calling it the BS button.

This chatterbox thing is killing me.  Now, thanks to you, I’m held socially accountable for writing something!  It’s all up here in my head, but the hard part is getting it onto this screen.  Why is it when we get closest to preforming the work that God really wants us to do, we chicken out?  It’s not like I’m fighting a giant, I’m typing.  Embarrassingly Pitiful.

I even wrote about this in my first post.  One of the things I’m most afraid of is not liking what I’m writing!  Yeah, I can stand naked in front of a mirror no problem, but to reveal all of my flaws on the infinite internet…that’s a bigger pill to swallow.  Good thing I have some coffee to get it down.

Courageous living is tough huh?  Why do I do what I don’t want to do and I don’t do what I want to do? (Romans 7:19)

Ravi Zacharias encourages me when he reminds me that we are all fighting the same battles we’ve been fighting.  All too familiar is the sin of pride! It takes many forms but it always takes the same prisoner.

Guess what? If you’re a human, you’re going to face these same flesh tempting scenarios every single day of your life! I want everyone to read my blog the most and like me the best.

Pride: My greatest sin is that I place what other’s think of me above what God thinks of me.

Let’s  set a new pattern today.  Bury your ego and unearth God’s power within you.  Don’t exchange the greatness God has for you for the fleeting pleasures of your body.  Don’t let fear force you to use the backspace key.

Is pride the driving producer of fear in your life?  It sure is in mine.  Jesus said that those who wish to save their lives must lose them!

News flash: He wasn’t kidding.

2nd news flash:  It isn’t easy

Lets do this together this week.  Lets pray for each other.  When is our pride speaking fear, let’s identify it, and kick it to the curb.  Boast of only what God is doing and see what happens.

Good thing I have coffee to swallow that pill.

Please post your honesty in the comments: What does your pride make you afraid of?

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4 Responses to I’m about to delete this whole post.

  1. janice says:

    Praying for each other will be a big help…kind of like mopping up the water together? Maybe instead of kicking our pride to the curb, we have to accept it. Recognize it and its effects. And eventually be able to laugh at it silly manifestations! Love you! Janicce


  2. Ed says:

    I think I worry too much about when the CREATION is proud of me and not as much about when the CREATOR is proud.


  3. Josh Moore says:

    …makes you afraid to leave your comfort zone. God very often calls you to a place where you HAVE to depend on HIM. It’s a place where HE knows you’ll need him. The even more HILLARIOUS part is when you know that it will happen…you’ll be forced to swollow your pride. Following God forces you to humble yourself in ways you never thought possible. But in doing so you give him your All: trust, focus, attention, love, devotion….just to name a few. Perfect conditions for building a deeper relationship with him.


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