Wondering while Wandering

I tried to find a short cut between some woods following some power lines.  Thank you Gandalf for reminding me that “short cuts make long delays.”  But as a cycling commuter, I’m not getting anywhere fast.

I made a turn off of a main road thinking it was just cutting off one corner, instead, it turned out to be a very muddy mosquito breeding ground.  (I was on a road bike) As a cyclist, you know the pull of adventure.  Searching out unknown paths, making unexpected turns, and that short cuts do make very long delays.  But the road less traveled is almost always the road worth taking.

Even taking your everyday cycling path can let the mind wonder and the body wander. Not only wonder in the curious and in your own mind, but really marvel at the wonder of creation!

Summer is almost here, the world is fully green again and teaming with life.  We have so much to wonder over!  Our kids, fresh vegetables, and salty air (and burgers)! The busyness and “connected-ness” of life have us more disconnected from our surroundings than ever before.  We fill this empty space with looking at our smartphone, ignoring what’s around us so that we can reach out and connect with someone electronically.

Bikes are a great solution for this problem.  Wandering allows the mind to also wander, to allow for internal and external exploration.  Internal dialogue no longer is downed out by Facebook updates. I encourage everyone to unplug.  We are too busy recording our lives and not living them!  I think, now more than ever, to be in the world is much much better than to be watching the world on our little screens.

Wander around on your bike in this great weather.  And wonder.

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1 Response to Wondering while Wandering

  1. Jeff says:

    I would love to “unplug” but I’m on ISAF so that’s not gonna happen lol


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