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Look up

A great video, shared by a friend.  Now friend, I share with you. Advertisements

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Wondering while Wandering

I tried to find a short cut between some woods following some power lines.  Thank you Gandalf for reminding me that “short cuts make long delays.”  But as a cycling commuter, I’m not getting anywhere fast. I made a turn … Continue reading

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Slay the Dragon

On Sunday afternoon, I had a difficult decision to make: I had to choose between a cup of coffee and a nap. I was looking at the words of my book and realized that I was doing more yawning than … Continue reading

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Start Pedaling

I remember when my Dad first took off my training wheels.  Our driveway seemed like Everest and danger was just waiting for me on the asphalt.  Like most Dads do, he encouraged me, pushed me until I had my confidence … Continue reading

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